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Welcome to the magical world of nature!
Green Magic Ltd was started in 2009. Our goal is to provide our customers with high-quality plant material. Lots offered we grow ourselves. We try to offer our customers more and more of our own grown bulbs, tubers, roots and plants. We try to provide you with every season something special and exciting.

We have two major seasons:

1.Spring season
Spring season  decisions and choices we make  already before Christmas. Spring bulb selection usually updated in January. We start  send order out in april - june.   
All varieties is on e-shop for year-round ordering.This allows goods to pre-order 

2.Autumn  Season
Autumn season begins for us before June. In  summer  we already thinking about our tulips, narcissus, and all those bulbs who get on the soil in the fall. Autumnal variety range usually updated in July-August. Your orders we start fulfill in  the September. You can plant  autumn bulbs  till the soil surface is permanently frozen.
I can not send the order? Why ?
If you are unable to confirm the order  then maybe you have  wrong  product quantity in your shopping cart. For example, You want  order 3 Tulip ´Atlantis´ but we have in stock only the last two. In this case, the store will not let you send order  before you have changed the quantity in basket.
How long is the delivery time? 
Orders will send out (if products is on stock) usually 2-7 business days. The exception is in season. During the season we fulfill orders as quickly as possible in their chronological order.Of course  delivery time depends on the location.
Do you send goods to Europe?
Yes! We will send the goods to the EU countries!
Transport cost  depends weight of the goods and your location